Mobile testing using Appium and Cucumber

In my time as a QA Engineer at OpenCredo London, I was asked to research and write an article about a subject that is becoming more and more utilized: mobile testing. Because mobile development grows so fast, the mobile app tests need to end up being automated. A tool that could fit everyone’s needs is Appium. It takes the automated scripts written using Selenium and WebDriver and sends them to the emulator using WebDriver JSON Wire Protocol. You can find more information in this article.

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Web design training

Even though I am a QA Engineer, I started reading an online training for Web design :

Web design was always a subject I liked, but never got into too many details regarding this. I started learning more about this in my job (being a front end QA), but I am determined now to learn even more about this subject. It will help me in my career, and who knows, maybe I will end up being a web developer.

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